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Follow the links below to a selection of these guidance documents and read the advice given. Once you are happy that you have understood the guidelines, consider each scenario and write a couple of sentences in response, as directed. Scenario 1 You attend a school production and take some photographs of the children on stage. Flattered by the request, you supply three photos, which are uploaded to the website along with details of the budding performers.

Tu100 tma03

Is it gaming the system to intentionally hand something in late because you think you'll gain more than the five marks you'll lose for handing it in a day late if you have the extra time that handing it in late will provide?

Yes, I wouldn't have to think about this if I'd not assumed that the deadline was next Thursday as opposed to 4pm today, but still.

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There was an interesting section of this years Royal Institution Christmas lectures that suggested that successful job applicants are either interviewed amongst the first group, the last group or if they were particularly memorable and stood out.

This phenomena is attributed to the way human memory works. I think you may benefit if the lecturer reads your work last, but would it be a big enough increase to withstand the deduction?

It's a step up, but you shouldn't be worried. Aside from one or two modules of which I have 12 this yearit's mostly just an increase in volume as opposed to complexity. Put the time in and you'll be fine.

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I didn't put the time in and averaged around 55 last semester. I've put the time in so far this semester and my midterm assessments have been marked at 90 and 87, so it's pretty straightforward. Nice marks on your midterms!

Thanks for your advice and taking the time to reply. That definitely puts my mind at ease.Screencast-O-Matic is the free and easy way to record your screen. Try our free Screen Recorder! Hi, i'm thinking of doing a Bachelor of Laws course and have to start with An Introduction to Business.

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I work full time so I couldn't go to Uni at the moment; however I . Sign in to the OU website. Username. Your username is either the email address you signed up with or, for students and staff, your OU computer username or PI.

Tu100 tma03

TU has seriously pumped up the frequency in the past couple of weeks! The sheer amount of reading material, theories and maths contained within Blocks 3 &4 have been a real challenge - and keeping motivated even more so.

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Search Results. Aa Tma03 TMA03 – Part 1 According to the author of this extract, what aspects of Faraday’s life and work contributed to his reputation? Welcome to My Digital Life (TU). This is a community group for all students studying My Digital Life (TU) with the Open University.

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