The marketing for rimmel essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Furthermore, Rimmel products are easy to use, versatile and accessible, designed to encourage experimentation and self-expression. The Rimmel name now fronts a wide range of make-up products, aimed at the cheaper and trendier end of the market. The current face of Rimmel is controversial British supermodel Kate Moss.

The marketing for rimmel essay

Objectives The first objective of the plan is that of attaining a sales volume of 20, units within the first year of introduction. From a market share perspective, the aim is that of gaining a 3 per cent market share of the new products, and representing a 20 per cent market share for the specific customer base of baby boomer consumers.

Marketing strategy The marketing strategy is represented by the commitment to promote the product and create the necessary means in which the Beautiful products would reach the end consumers, leading to sales and the ability of the firm to attain its pre-established objectives.

In other words, the marketing strategy represents the final result of detailed analysis and attention to a spectrum of important priorities Lippitt, In the specific context of Estee Lauder and the new Beautiful product line to be launched, the focal points to be considered in the marketing strategy are represented by the two issues previously addressed -- the cost barrier and the threats associated with distribution.

In this setting then, the marketing strategy would center on efforts to address these two issues. The first component of the marketing strategy refers to the promotional and advertising tools to be used in the generation of customer demand.

From the standpoint of advertising and promotions, the connected activities should recognize the issue of the barrier raised by the high price. In this setting then, the advertising and promotion activities would be created in such a manner to limit this threat.

In this order of ideas, the promotions should focus on promotional sales based on specific periods, such as end of season sales, holyday season sales, special sales for Valentine's Day and so on. Additionally, the promotions should also offer special prices upon bulk purchases, allowing more consumers to combine their resources and make the desired purchases.

At the level of adverting, this would be a complex and integrated effort, emphasizing three specific elements -- the product characteristics, the benefits they offer to consumers and the fact that they could represent perfect gifts for the mother, mother in law, ant or other female in the family.

Such an approach would increase the sales of Beautiful products reaching end consumers, through other buyers who are less sensitive to the price.

The marketing for rimmel essay

From the strict point of the target consumers being baby boomers, the promotional channels used would integrate channels used by the baby boomers specifically. Some examples in this sense include stores specialized in selling items for the senior citizensor television and radio programs addressing the issues of the senior citizens.

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A final component of the marketing strategy is revealed by the distribution dimension. In such a setting, there is an intense concern regarding the possibility for the Beautiful product line to not be best retailed through the traditional distribution channels, namely the department stores. To respond to this concern, the distribution strategy would be further developed to integrate other distribution channels as well.

In this order of ideas, Estee Lauder would promote and sell their items through direct distribution systems as well. The direct distribution system would be used complementarily with the indirect system -- through department stores -- and it would integrate retailing through facilities owned and operated by the firm, as well as the hiring of staffs engaging in direct sales to end consumers.

Such an effort would address the shortage of the dependency of intermediate vendors, but would also raise new costs and additional complexities, such as sales training or the need to operate additional facilities and reach customers through new methods, to which they are unaccustomed.

Action programs The marketing strategies will be implemented. Who will do it?

The marketing for rimmel essay

The central role will be played by the marketing department at Estee Lauder, but the effort will be an integrated one, engaging the entire organization, including the research and development department Golden.

When will it be done? The marketing strategy would be implemented as soon as possible, this week including, so that the sales are lunched during the busy Holiday Season. How much will it cost?

Projected profit-and-loss statement In the setting in which the marketing plan is launched starting the following day, sales would commence immediately and would benefit from the Holyday Seasons, as well as the sales of the entire following year. Controls Finally, the last component of the current marketing plan is represented by the control section.

At this level, it is essential to indicate the measures which would be taken in order to monitor the execution of the plan Kotler, In this order of ideas, the control would be one similar to an internal audit process, meaning that it would be detailed enough to assess the specifics of each stage, but also broad enough to assess the overall picture.

At the detailed level, Estee Lauder would implement a control system based on the delegation of supervisors to assess the individual execution of each specific strategic effort. In this order of ideas, emphasis would be placed on the individual steps to be taken at each strategic level, as well as the small objectives set to be attained at each individual strategic step.

Specifically, the focus would fall on the observation of the correlation between the means in which the strategies are being executed and their ability to meet the pre-established objectives.

The same control mechanisms would be used at the larger scale as well, with the difference that the focus would fall on the greater objectives of the firm and the means in which the overall marketing strategy is supporting Estee Lauder in attaining these objectives.

Like in the case of the specific strategic efforts, emphasis would also be placed on the means in which each strategic effort is being executed.

At this level, it is important to assess whether the strategies are implemented by people with the necessary skills, if they have a maximized potential to succeed and if they are efficient. The strategic efficiency is best assessed through the lenses of resources and outcomes in the meaning that emphasis is placed on the minimization of the resource consumptions, concomitant with the maximization of the outputs.

Finally, as part of the control mechanism, the management team at Estee Lauder would also introduce intervention strategies. Specifically, if, during the control and monitoring processes, the control mechanisms observe any inconstancies or faults, they would intervene to ensure that the strategic effort is devised and implemented in a means that best supports the goals for which it was created.

Models and applications in operations research, Vol.Jun 25,  · International Marketing Rimmel London Is. View Full Essay. Words: Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: In general, the place of manufacture means little to the customers, except when the local producer adapts the products to suit local tastes, as has been the case with Rimmel in China.

The place of manufacture is. In , “ The House of Rimmel ” was created by Eugene Rimmel in Regent Street London, UK. Rimmel is the most selling decorative trade name known as Rimmel London. The company is now owned by Coty, Inc.

Rimmel ‘s tagline is: “ Get the London expression ”. Marketing Strategy Options For Walker Marketing Essay ; Analysing the. A topics for research paper microbiology Posted By: October 29, Write tips for essay zoological gardens essay examples tagalog version the love essay definition writing a business essay zulu write essay about dance nature?

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Nov 14,  · In , the Advertising Standards Authority in London banned a Diorshow New Look mascara print ad for digitally enhancing the lashes of Natalie Portman; in , it . The Marketing Strategy for the Mars Bar in the United Kingdom In this report a strategic analysis will be made of a Mar’s Bar (as opposed to the Brand) I think you have this wrong – a Mars Bar is a mix of milk, chocolate, glucose, etc!

– you mean, I think, a review of Mars Bar as a product, rather than a review of the Mars Company as a whole. The Marketing for Rimmel Essay Sample. Introduction.

Rimmel first established themselves in and was originally founded by Eugene Rimmel. Rimmel is one of Europe’s most popular cosmetics brands and is a part of the Coty Lancaster Beauty Group, founded in London.

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