Technology in marketing

This study was carried out to identify and examine the role of information technology in marketing research in Nigeria as a basis for making sound decisions. Attempt was made to highlights some of the literature review on the marketing research and information technology. The descriptive research design was adopted for the study. Findings include that information technology tools such as internet, online marketing research, computer networks, information technology parks etc.

Technology in marketing

Technology adapts continually, which makes it difficult for businesses to keep up. However, the fast pace isn't a good reason to avoid adopting technology in business practices. There are many benefits of using technology. Business owners should hire professionals if they are unsure how to implement new technology and how it benefits their businesses specifically.

Overall Business Efficiency Businesses operate more efficiently when they use technology correctly. Digitizing files makes it easy to customize documents such as user agreements and contract templates.

Communication is instant with email and the ability to send documents back and forth during negotiations. Customers can get information on websites and request information any time of the day or night using online forms.

Software programs continue to improve and make data collection and interpretation more powerful. Customer relationship management software records everything from client information to follow-up calendars, buying history and propensity patterns.

This information makes it possible for a sales team to manage prospects and solidify client relationships effectively. Automation of Operations Different businesses have different needs. Wherever a business can automate a process, it can redirect financial and labor resources.

Automation can occur in numerous areas such as when staying in touch with customers, tracking packages for delivery, or noting miles driven by delivery truck drivers. For example, fast food restaurants are implementing ordering kiosks to focus labor resources on efficiently getting food into customers' hands.

Many companies are moving training programs to automated web-based programs and company education centers, which makes it easier for employees to learn new information and expand personal skills.

It also allows people to repeat modules without costing the business any more in training costs.

Data undergirds everything

Business Security Information security is a big issue every day. Hackers and thieves steal consumer information and company proprietary information daily, but technology can protect company information. If there is one key benefit to businesses that should be updated and continuously monitored, it is digital security.

Hackers can interrupt business operations, cost companies thousands of dollars, and cause businesses to fall under public scrutiny. Security goes well beyond firewalls and anti-virus software.

Digitally linked security systems protect businesses from vandalism and theft. Not only do systems provide real-time alerts, but they also provide diversion tactics such as alarms. Some systems give business owners a way to speak directly to vandals from a remote location via phone, informing intruders that they are on camera and identified.

Employee Monitoring Businesses can better manage large teams using technology. Applications track customer service call times, which helps managers understand where lag times exist and provide opportunities for coaching.

Speed and GSP tracking of drivers support a positive public image of employees who realize they can't get away with poor behavior.Kevin Roose, technology columnist, explains how he has waded into that shadowy world to write about it.

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And marketing technology, according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, is receiving more venture capital investment than advertising technology. With so much attention on the subject, now is a good time to look at the current state of the martech industry.

New technology offers exciting ways to communicate with your customer and potentially forge new and exciting alliances with them.

How technology is shaping the future of advertising – webchat roundup Here are the best insights from our online discussion on how new digital platforms and devices are changing advertising and. As mentioned above, marketing has been changing continuously over the past decades. The development of new technologies and the advances of marketing theories have led us to where we are right now. Harris and Cohen () suggested that there are three eras other than the era which we live in which is the digital age. Technology Marketing, Inc. Stratler Street Salt Lake City, UT USA. Phone: Fax: Email: [email protected]

However by themselves, the technology cannot resolve problems. It must be integrated into the company culture, processes, and total customer experience to leverage it for benefit.

Technology in marketing

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