Technology boon or curse essay

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Technology boon or curse essay

Technology boon or curse essay

All researchers have in a way followed this scientific method. The basic aim of Science is to look for reality and to find those factors, formally uncommon. A scientist cannot accept the principles, usually because; they were accepted by others formerly.

Great discoveries are always coming from reasoning. A lot of determination and observation are required. Civilization, as it is today, also came from numerous discoveries that were made in the field of Science.

Electricity is a main source of energy has revolutionized the Earth. Science has made medical field enough advanced that today the average life of a human being has raised to 90 years. Science also worked for plant life as well and now we have enough food for all.

We have enough clothing and better security too. This all became possible due to science and technology. So, it is very easy to conclude that Science is beneficial for mankind. There is also another side of the coin. Destructive weapons like guns, rifles, atom bombs etc.

It is science that gave us different types of power like electric power and nuclear power. If all these powers and weapons are not used in a negative way, there is nothing to fear.

But, unfortunately these all powers are destructing our Earth.

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Can anyone think that there are no chances of such horrible destruction of an Iraq again? If it happens, how can be science beneficial for mankind? Man is a logical being.

It is possible for everyone to save himself from the odds. Only through this way, he can win and control everyone on the globe. Only wisdom can help a man to conquer the World. Science without conscience is death of the soul.literature review of yoga mats project assignment cover page design doc homework in sign language nice to see you argumentative essay introduction paragraph.

Short Essay – “Is Science Boon or Bane” Useful Essay on Bio-Technology ( Words) Essay on Religion and Science ( Words) Science.

Technology boon or curse essay

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We talk much about the unspeakable gift, our Savior. But maybe it would be good to back up a little. The Reed Richards Is Useless trope as used in popular culture. The observation that in some genres, characters can have fantastic technology far beyond our .

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