Response paper on black elk speaks

There seems to have been a meeting of the minds between the two men that did not exist between Black Elk and anyone else.

Response paper on black elk speaks


Neihardt, after interviewing the medicine man named Black Elk. Neihardt was already a published writer, and prior to this particular narrative he was at work publishing a collection of poems titled Cycle of the West.

The priest or holy man calling himself Black Elk was born in the December ofto a family in the Ogallala band of the Sioux. The youngest Black Elk soon experienced a vision as a young boy, a vision of the wisdom inherent in the earth that would direct him toward his true calling of being a wichasha wakon or holy man like his predecessors.

Response paper on black elk speaks

It is from the strength of this vision, and the wisdom in his heart that Black Elk eventually realized his place as a leader and wise man in the Ogallala band of the Sioux.

The wisdom possessed by Black Elk is immediately present in his recollections of various lessons learned by himself and by others.

These stories ran the whole gambit of life experiences from the most innocent acts of a boy in love, to the hard les-sons learned from the treachery of the whites.

Through these stories a greater insight can be gained into the ways of the Sioux, as well as lessons into the nature of all men. High Horse neither possessed the respect nor the wealth to obtain this girl from her parents, so he had to resort to stealth and trickery to gain any access to her at all.

Eventually, High Horse did made contact with the girl and learned of her similar feelings for him, but also learned that she wished to be earned from her father like a lady and not to be stolen away dishonorably.

The disclosure by the girl only acted to frustrate High Horse more, and he eventually had to turn to his cousin Red Deer for help.

Finally, in a fit of disgust and embarrassment, High Horse proclaimed that he was going on the warpath since he could not have the girl. Red Deer, still wanting to help his friend and cousin, decided to follow.

High Horse and Red Deer fell upon a Crow encampment that night. The two youths killed the sentry guarding the Crow horses, and each made off with a small herd for himself. Instead the father revealed that the true price High Horse paid was in his showing that he was a man in obtaining the horses in such a skillful manner, and thus able to take care of his only daughter.

Thus the lessons of life are displayed to the listener of the story.Black Elk Speaks. Black Elk Speaks The book Black Elk Speaks was written in the early 's by author John G. Neihardt, after interviewing the medicine man named Black Elk/5(1). John Neihardt, who is responsible for Black Elk's narrative in the form of Black Elk Speaks, can be seen in both positive and negative conversation with Black Elk, his transcription and editing of their talk, preserved Black Elk's story, which has enlightened generations of readers.

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Response Paper on Black Elk Speaks Nicholas Black Elk, Lakota visionary and healer communicates his painful conclusion to John G. Neihardt at the end of his interviews in the following way: “[ ]The nation’s hoop is broken and scattered.

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