Paige loma prieta report

History[ edit ] Harriett Pullman Carolan[ edit ] The woman who built Carolands, Harriett Pullman Carolan —was the daughter of George Pullmana 19th-century industrialist, one of Chicago 's wealthiest men, and founder of the Pullman Companyfamous for its Palace railway cars. Carolan chose the site, the highest in the neighborhood, for its commanding views of the San Francisco Bay and the surrounding hills.

Paige loma prieta report

History[ edit ] Harriett Pullman Carolan[ edit ] Harriett Pullman Carolan — was the daughter of George Pullmanthe 19th century American industrialist, who became one of the wealthiest men in Chicago after creating the Pullman Companyfamous for its Palace railway cars. Perhaps because her father was one of the inventors of modern "luxury" or "first class" travel, Harriett Pullman came to expect perfection and beauty in her surroundings.

Paige loma prieta report

She had been actively planning to create a house and garden that would excite "the wonder and admiration of America" and reflect her refined and cultivated interests. The property was situated at the highest local geographical point in order to command the best views of the Bay and surrounding hills.

The project was executed by San Francisco architect Willis Polkfollowing plans commissioned by Mrs. Carolan from the Parisian architect Ernest Sansonwho was at the time one of the foremost designers of prestigious private homes in France and perhaps the world.

Sanson, aged 76 and near the end of a long and distinguished career, never visited the California site. Willis Polka distinguished American architect in his own right, was engaged to be the structural designer and manager of construction. He was instructed by Mrs.

Construction[ edit ] Carolands has been called one of the "last of the great homes" built during the Gilded Age. In California these included Filoli and The Huntington mansions. Only a portion of these magnificent landscape plans were completed. Late inSanson was given the commission to plan the chateau.

One aspect of the project was to incorporate into his design the three exquisite period rooms that Harriett had purchased in Paris with the advice of the famous antique dealer Boni de Castellane. Photos were taken to show the progress of the work being done and were sent off to the architects and to the owners.

Willis Polk designed the unusual reinforced concrete superstructure. The walls were created using brick infill. The exterior walls were made of concrete sanded and scored to resemble natural limestone. The plans as completed include 9 bedrooms and baths for the owners and guests; each bedroom has an antechamber to guarantee quiet and privacy.

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In all there are 98 rooms. Although the new couple occupied Carolands on occasion, it would remain only sporadically inhabited until when Harriett removed her original furnishings and put the property up for sale.

Paige loma prieta report

In the Life account, the house was said to have been abandoned for the last twenty-five years, with party amenities provided on a temporary basis: Coe Robinson in Prior to becoming a countess by marriage to Mexican-born Count Alessandro Dandini di Cesena inLillian Remillard was the heiress of the Remillard Brothers fortune, a family which had supplied bricks to San Francisco since the gold rush and benefitted from the earthquake rebuilding.

The 23 years, until her death, she lived in the chateau were a period of entertaining and holding charity benefits.

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Bordeaux Salon, by Boucher for HABS in Aug Unfortunately, in later years the Countess lacked funds to maintain the house, and when she died in the Chateau was in greater risk of demolition than ever before.Carolands Chateau is a 46,square-foot (4, m 2), floor, 98 room mansion on acres ( ha) in Hillsborough, example of American Renaissance and Beaux-Arts design, the building is a California Historical Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic caninariojana.comnds is one of the last great houses to be built during the Gilded Age, a period of great.

The Engineer’s View, Loma Prieta: Historic Buildings, Earthquake Damage & Seismic Strengthening, John Kariotis, Mike Krakower, and Nels Roselund; California Preservation Foundation, INFORMATION Following are the key activities to be highlighted this week: City to Host Community Preparedness Event Marking 25th Anniversary Of Loma Prieta Earthquake – On Friday, October 17, the City of Oakland will mark the 25th Anniversary of the Paige Alderete Joins Controller.

A daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face our region. Essay about Paige Loma Prieta Report Report The Loma Prieta earthquake was one of the biggest earthquakes California has ever had and people are still talking about it today.

I have heard a lot about the earthquake and I know that it occurred on October 17, at pm and that it lasted 15 seconds. information concerning the Loma Prieta earthquake was obtained from a compre- hensive report by Mr.

Raymond B. Seed () entitled, "Preliminary Report on the Principal Geotechnical Aspects of the 17 October Loma Prieta Earth-.

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