How to write a sports photo caption

Print In papers written for classes and submitted to journals, every table and figure should include a caption, honoring these common practices:

How to write a sports photo caption

In this chapter we discuss various kinds of graphics and how to caption pictures. Many of the things we speak about here build on advice given in Chapter 46 on the reasons for, choice of and use of news pictures.

Captions Very few pictures used in newspapers, magazines or web pages can stand alone without at least some short description of what they are or why they are there.

We call these descriptions captions. Typically they are short pieces of text placed below or beside the picture, although in magazines where there are several pictures on a page they may all be gathered together in one block of text, which we will discuss shortly. We have already seen that news pictures need to be able to tell the news.

Even when they tell it well, though, there are things which no picture can do for itself. Pictures generally cannot answer all the questions Who? Nor can they always make it clear exactly what is happening, especially if it is a photograph of a demonstration or riot, where the scene is confused.

The job of the caption is to help readers to understand what they can see in front of them. They first look at the big headlines and the pictures, until they find something which looks interesting; then, if it is a picture which has caught their eye, they read the caption; finally, if they are still interested, they will read the story which goes with it.

Readers therefore read captions before they read stories. This means that a caption must include enough information from the story to make sense all by itself.

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In the following example, the reader knows from the correct caption what the story is about and who is in the picture; the incorrect caption means nothing until the reader has first read the story: The president greets the Minister as he arrives at the luncheon.

Note, too, that the caption was written in the present tense, even though the event happened yesterday: This is because the picture is there, in front of the readers, as they read the caption.

how to write a sports photo caption

They can see it happening at that very moment. It seems strange at first to write "Mr Duka welcomes the Minister yesterday," but it is a convention of journalism which works well. This is because the photographer will need to write a caption for each picture.

If there are several people in a photograph, the photographer will need to ask the name of each one, and make sure that all the names are spelled correctly. It is best to do this before anyone moves out of position, so that the photographer can list the names as the people appear, from left to right, in the picture.

When the photographer returns to the newsroom, and the photographs are developed and printed, he or she will need to write a caption. This should be written in the style which we have just discussed, and should give all the information which the readers will need. If the photographer is a good writer, this caption may be published exactly as it was written.

However, not all good photographers are good writers. If the caption has not been written very well, it should be rewritten by a sub-editor, using the information provided by the photographer.Write the caption as though you are talking to a family member or friend.

The tone of the caption should match the tone of the image. Don't try to be humorous when the photo is not.


SPORTS CAPTIONS In addition to all the other rules for caption writing, sports captions require even more research to recover the following information. Each sports caption should include the outcome of the play, names of the players for both teams with their uniform numbers in parentheses, and the outcome of the game.

How to Write a Professional Photo Caption. “Viewed from Philopappos Hill, the temples on the Acropolis still dominate Athens, old and new. Beyond, on the right, is the conical hill of Mount Lycabettus.”.

90+ Best Instagram Captions You Can Use for Your Photos! 78 Comments People look for the photo and then read the caption to understand the context behind it. Steps to write a good caption: 1. Gather information about the photo/video. Great yearbook captions do two things: they inform readers and they entertain while doing it.

Said another way, the captions you add to your yearbook photos should tell stories. The trick to writing great yearbook captions, then, is the same as the trick to telling a great story: details. Sports photo captions draw readers into dramatic athletic moments.

Good captions are accurate, compelling, brief and timely. They must be published right away, so the caption writer has only a few hours or less of turnaround time.

The caption might be the entire story.

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