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Hilton mgmt n ob

Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses Okay, let me start by saying that I don't actually plan on birthing in a hospital again, and if I did, it would be because I risked out of homebirth, so the risk itself would probably make me more Read More Oct 31, '03 Joined: Obviously, tonchito, you don't do OB nursing????

Nov 1, '03 Occupation: I think non OB nurses should work a few months in our field with the sort of situation we are attempting to describe WHEN the poop hits the fan Nov 4, '03 Joined: Where do you get your information? The research into vitamin K and breastmilk has been widely challenged by those who say that it was carried out at a time when women were told to restrict their babies' feeding in the first few days of life.

This meant that the babies did not receive the fatty hind milk, which is the milk at the end of a feed. Sometimes, babies were not given colostrum the milk that is in the breasts immediately after birth.

In fact, the richest sources of vitamin K are in colostrum and hind milk. If the level of vitamin K was measured in babies who were not being allowed this milk, their levels would obviously be low. Researchers set out to assess the average total daily Hilton mgmt n ob of vitamin K in colostrum and breastmilk of mothers who exclusively breastfed their infants.

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The study also sought to determine how much the mother's daily consumption of foods containing vitamin K VK affected the VK content of her colostrum or milk. The women participating in the study were healthy nonsmoking mothers between twenty and thirty-five years of age who were not taking birth control pills, antibiotics, other medications or megadoses of vitamins.

They were divided into four groups of fifteen participants each, determined by number of days postpartum. Colostrum was collected at between thirty and eighty-one hours postpartum, breastmilk was collected at one month, three months and six months postpartum.

Only mothers who exclusively breastfed their infants at least five times a day were included in the study. Although the concentration of VK was found to be slightly higher in colostrum than mature milk, the authors point out that the total daily intake of VK in infants increases over time due to the fact that milk volume increases substantially over time.

There did not appear to be any pattern between the number of hours postpartum that a colostrum sample was collected and the concentration of VK. The VK content of many foods has not been adequately studied to accurately determine the maternal intake.

Despite this, the authors went on to say that they could find no correlation between dietary VK intake and the VK level in breastmilk or colostrum. Dietary fat is essential to the absorption of VK, and VK concentrations in breastmilk tended to be greater in women who had a higher fat content in their diet.

A further conclusion of the study points out that VK appears to be found in the fatty portion of breastmilk. Since the fat content of breastmilk increases with the length of time spent at the breast per feeding, I would theorize that the practice of limiting the number of minutes at the breast per feeding could be decreasing the amount of vitamin K that exclusively breastfed newborns receive.

Every person who works in the hospital you are paying.

Hilton mgmt n ob

You have a right to demand to cared in a manner that you expect. If you ordered a blue car with a stereo and you got a pink one with out a stereo would you settle for it? Why should a birth be any different? Oh and who ever said why not just stay home and have the baby on the kitchen table? The reason a birth is different than buying a car is that the outcomes are life and death, and you aren't going to sue your car saleman.

If mothers make an informed decision not to give Vit K, I am fine with that, but I do have to tell them the rationale for it being hospital policy.

No one can force an intervention on a woman rightly so, that would be assaultbut can't you understand why we would be concerned about women who come to the hospital and don't want ANY monitoring or interventions, and we would need to talk with them about it?

At the very least, common courtesy would suggest that they let the hospital know before they come in Nov 5, '03 Joined: It is a shame when all hospital staff see it as something that needs to me "managed.

It is not difficult to stay on top of recent information. I think moms and babies deserve to have the benefit of educated Drs and RNs. Giving birth is NOT to be likened to a trip to Burger King where we "hold the pickles" to please people.U.S.

Hilton mgmt n ob

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