Essay on standardized testing procedures

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Essay on standardized testing procedures

Use an editor to spell check essay. Children are not learning, according to standardized testing scores.

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The government, parents, and teachers are at odds as to why this is. They all share a common goal: Throughout all the many debates on this topic one militant voice rises above the crowd, in support of standardized testing, shouting oddly vague catch phrases such as "accountability," "raising the bar," and "tougher standards.

The most blatant forms of motivation, namely bribes and threats, are ultimately more harmful than helpful. Some schools use diplomas as both a way of Essay on standardized testing procedures and of threatening students to do well on standardized tests.

Standardized Tests

Not only is this unfair, but it is destructive. When students are told that they will receive something in exchange for performing well enough, the real reason that they should want to do well, which is self-improvement, is sacrificed. Bribes and threats turn learning into a chore, rather than a fascinating journey, which results in students who do not want to go to school.

Children do not enjoy learning because they are not being motivated to learn.

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They are being taught that the only reason that they should seek knowledge, or, even do anything, is to receive a reward or avoid a punishment. This idea may have the short-term desired effect.

Children may remember facts long enough to pass a test. However, in the long run, it is more important that children are motivated to learn new things, rather than motivated merely for a reward or by a punishment.

Students are not the only ones who are adversely affected by improper motivation. Educators are harmed as well. When schools and teachers are rated by their students' test scores, the emphasis that was once placed learning and understanding, is forced to be placed on test preparation instead.

Teachers have to choose between teaching well and teaching for the test. Some states have taken the opportunity to plac even more unwarranted pressure upon teachers by giving more money to the schools whose students score higher on the tests.

Since students attending schools located in poor areas tend to score lower, distributing funds thi way is the equivalent of deliberately denying financial aid to those schools that most need it.

Furthermore, since much of the student body in these schools consists of minorities, this unfair distribution policy is, essentially, discrimination.

Since schools rely upon state grants to cover many of their expenses, when they receive less money, students suffer. Thus, educators who teach in poor areas are further pressured to provide a superficial education, covering only areas which are tested, so that the school will receive more funding.

On this topic, Alfie Kohn, a former educator and opponent of standardized testing, states that When high stakes are applied to educators, those who teach low-scoring populations will be most likely to be branded as failures. If excellent teachers and principals decide to leave the profession as a result of incessant pressure to raise scores, we would expect minority and low-income students to be disproportionately affected by the departure of these educators.

Standardized Tests: Evaluation Essay Samples and Examples

Poor Teaching The art of teaching is being destroyed by those who mistakenly believe that teaching children how to learn is not as important as forcing children to memorize data that is destined to be forgotten.

These people do not understand that each child learns best when taught with a style, and at a pace, that she is comfortable with.

When one considers how children learn, it becomes obvious that it is much more important that educators be allowed to teach in-depth about subjects that interest their pupils, rather than superficially covering large quantities of material.

Unfortunately, good teachers are being forced to spend increasing amounts of time arming their students with obscure data for a test that is flawed at best and destructive at worst, because proponents of standardized testing seem to feel that a teacher's primary purpose should be to program children's minds as if they were computers.

Alfie Kohn said that accountability "often turns out to be a code word for more control over what happens in classrooms by people who are not in classrooms. This has an effect on learning similar to the effect that a noose has on breathing" A Look At.

Standardized testing, as the most abundant method of evaluation, is grossly flawed.What is Brigance Testing? Brigance is a screening tool widely used by schools for students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade.

The test is not an IQ test nor is it a full scale educational assessment – it is a norm referenced test that compares each child’s results with the performance of other examinees. Brigance Testing covers a variety of school based curriculum topics.

Standardized tests are a common and popular way to evaluate the academic achievements of students, teachers, and school districts.

The Praxis ® tests measure the academic skills and subject-specific content knowledge needed for teaching. The Praxis tests are taken by individuals entering the teaching profession as part of the certification process required by many states and professional licensing organizations. Welcome to the Office of State Assessment What's New. Elementary-and Intermediate-level Testing. Elementary-and Intermediate-level Testing Schedule - Updated, 10/4/18; Procedures for Requesting, Shipping, and Storing of Materials for the Spring Administration of the New York State Grades English Language Arts and Mathematics Tests And Information on Computer-Based. Essay on Standardized Testing. is called the “performance assessment,” which compares each student’s work over a period of time and the procedures by which they created said work, evaluating whether satisfactory improvement has been made. essay on Standardized Testing, free essays on Standardized Testing, Standardized Testing.

They are used in many areas, such as in the army, civil service, medicine, and so on, but primarily standardized tests are associated with academic performance.

Standardized testing is used in most schools and institutes. These are tests that are designed in a way, which are administered and recorded in a consistent method.

Essay on standardized testing procedures

In standardized testing, all test takers are required to answer the same set of inquiries. Administration Practices for Standardized Assessments 7 Procedures Before Testing To ensure that a standardized educational assessment produces results that accurately assess student achievement, Pearson recommends that, in addition to the product-.

Definition. A literature review is both a summary and explanation of the complete and current state of knowledge on a limited topic as found in academic books and journal articles. Standardized testing refers to a testing method whereby students are subjected to the same assessment procedures set by examiners that intend to examine and score them as part of a wider student’s body.

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