Essay on environmental pollution causes and remedies

It has been around as long as human civilizations have, as evidenced by soot found on the ceilings of prehistoric caves and core samples of glacial ice that show signs of pollution dating from ancient times. The industrial revolution and globalization have resulted in an exponential growth in pollution, making it a key environmental and political issue which we, as a species, have only relatively recently started to tackle in a reasonably effective manner. The modern age had also brought us new kinds of pollution in addition to reinvigorating the more traditional ones, which finally forced us to take the problem seriously and try to reduce our harmful effect on our surroundings, aptly called the ecological footprint.

Essay on environmental pollution causes and remedies

Essay on Environmental Pollution Article shared by: Today millions of people are without basic needs of cloth, shelter, health, education and employment. This is not due to overpopulation alone but also due to environmental consequences. The loss of forests, fertility of soil, productivity and energy crisis have created many problems.

The pollution created by industries, technology etc. Many human problems are also due to mismanagement of environment which is created by man himself.

Environmental implications due to pollution are in various aspects. These produce serious problem for human beings to maintain its existence, protection, survival and for the improvement of general standard.

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The basic needs of human beings have disturbed natural resources and finally led to a situation which has threatened to be disastrous.

In the recent years everyone has started thinking over the problem of over-population and its consequences, which is primarily concerned with the environmental pollution and every effort should be made to focus public attention to save mankind from self destruction and steps should be taken at national and international levels so that the consequences may not become worse.

The ecological state of biosphere is becoming more and more dis-balanced day by day due to technical and industrial advancements as well as population explosion. Vast changes are taking place in the environment due to interaction between human society and environment itself.

Man is exploiting the natural resources for its own interest and many such instances are there as clearly indicate that man has disturbed the natural balance for the sake of small benefits and has changed the environment of many places to such an extent that they are not fit for inhabitation by living beings.

The environmental science is concerned with the study of all the systems of air, land, water, energy and life that surround us. Environmental problems are so diverse and diffused that virtually every activity of civilization interacts with the environment.

The addition of extraneous materials or energy in a particular environment in concentrations greater than the normal renders the environment partially or wholly un-favourable for human life.

This is referred to as environmental pollution. These changes may affect man directly or through his supplies, of water and agricultural and other biological products, his physical objects or possessions, or his opportunities for recreation and appreciation in nature—from U.

Products Science Advisory Committee, Environmental Pollution Panel Pollution and contamination are two terms sometimes used interchangeably. Contamination is the presence of harmful substances or organisms that may cause diseases or discomfort to human beings.

Polluted material need not necessarily be contaminated. Dependent as he is on air, water and food from environment, man is the main culprit in polluting these natural resources to the point of no return.

Pollution is defined as the addition of extraneous materials to water, air or land which adversely affect the natural quality of the environment. In some cases, it may involve the removal, rather than addition, of constituents from the environment.

A pollutant is a substance which may alter environmental constituents or cause a pollution. A pollutant can also be defined as constituent in the wrong amount at the wrong place or at the wrong time. For example, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are extensively used in agriculture to increase crop yields but sometimes they cause pollution of lakes and rivers by promoting algal growth.

The natural sources of pollution are, no doubt, important on a global scale man generated pollutants may be more important in urban and industrial areas where the adverse effects of pollution are most severe. There is accumulating evidence that many types of pollutants can be distributed over the whole earth in relatively short period of time.

Coal, diesel oil and other fossil fuels are emitting suffocating SO2 and choking our lives.Air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, arsenic pollution, decaying of ozone (O3) layer, nuclear explosion etc.

Essay on environmental pollution causes and remedies

all are the particular type of environmental pollution. Causes: Bangladesh is apparently now in the grip of all sorts of pollution, like air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution and what not/5(1).

The following essay will be looking at the factors that cause pollution, and the effect that pollution has on the environment of Canada.

It will also explore some of the methods used to treat and clean-up wastewater, and oil spills. Noise Pollution. Noise pollution is defined as any unwanted sound released into the environment.

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Apart from being annoying to humans and animals it can also cause mental and physiological damage and help worsen the symptoms of several very different health issues. Upload Your Knowledge on Environmental Pollution: Upload Now. Essay on Environmental Pollution.

Article shared by: Today millions of people are without basic needs of cloth, shelter, health, education and employment. This is not due to overpopulation alone but also due to environmental consequences. “Environmental pollution is the un. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: ITS EFFECTS ON LIFE AND ITS REMEDIES Dr.

Essay on environmental pollution causes and remedies

Mashhood Ahmad Khan MBBS, DCH, MCPS, MD (Paeds), (Nutrition), Coordinator, Post Graduate Centre, Improper management of solid waste is one of the main causes of environmental pollution (Kimani, ).

Land pollution is one of the major forms of environmental catastrophe. Causes, effects and solutions of environmental pollution: Pollution is the contamination of the environment by introduction of contaminants that cause damage to environment and harm or discomfort to humans or other living species.

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