Athens vs sparta essays

Sparta was a rigorous military ruled city state where the people established themselves as a military power early.

Athens vs sparta essays

Unity was difficult because of the mountainous terrain. Therefore, a series of small city-states began. Two of the most credited city-states were Athens and Sparta.

Though lays some distinct differences between the two along with alike features and facts.

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Athens made amazing contributions to government and western-culture. From the 7th to the 5th centuries B. Citizenship was still denied to women, aliens, and slaves, and punishments for crimes remained severe, but commoners were allowed to vote which started a direct democracy.

Sparta placed its emphasis on military prowess and aristocratic control of the government. It made few lasting contributions to western civilization. Sparta was most famous for its powerful military along with their loyal soldiers.

The disunity of the Greek city-states led to the eventual takeover by Philip of Macedonia. After he was assassinated his Alexander the Great replaced him. Under military and civic leadership of Pericles, Athens was most proud of their democratic philosophies and artistic creativity.

Athens shrived in their artistic abilities also shown in their architecture at the time. Also Athens became known for having many talented playwrights, some being wrote about tragedies. Though in Sparta most of their achievements of remembrance was their military focuses. The boys that were born without illness were sent out for training to be a hoplite at the age of seven for about five years; they studied poetry and music until they were 18 then sent out to be something similar to a navy seal.

If they were able to survive all battles by the age of 30 they were let free. Sparta's government was a mixture of democratic and oligarchic features. There were two kings, possibly reflecting some early compromise between two powerful families.

This arrangement had the convenience of allowing one king o lead the arm on campaign and the other stayed behind to attend to more local things. There was a council made up of the two kings and 28 elders which made most decisions, laws, rules, etc.

The assembly of the entire citizens elected members of the council and had the right to veto legislation, but could not start it.

The result was a basically perfect system of checks and balances which worked for many generations. In the many differences and a couple alike features of the two city-states Athens and Sparta such as some of their political aspects and geographic aspects.

They both were big parts of the rising and falling of the Persian Empire and both contributes greatly, Athens with art, Sparta with military.

The philosophers Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato also pointed out the significances of these city states helped grow these two city-states. The famous poet, Homer will also keep the remembrance of Athens and Sparta alive in writing and evidence of the conflicts and achievements of the two city-states of Greece.

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Sparta vs. Athens Essay Sample. Sparta taught its people for only practical reasons.

Athens vs sparta essays

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Athens and Sparta The country of Greece in B.C. was led to greatness by two great city-states. These city-states were Athens and Sparta. These two states were as different as night and day. Athens and Sparta. Sparta and Athens represent opposite poles of the social and political development of the Greek city-state.

Between the two, there were similarities and differences. Athens focused more on education and the arts while Sparta revolved around military strength and battle. Because Sparta had such a massively influential military, we use tactics and strategies derived from them even today.

Athens and Sparta Comparison Essay