Aidshiv essay

HIV is a virus, transmitted from one person who is infected to another person who is not infected. It is unknown exactly how he became infected CDC.

Aidshiv essay

Despite the rapid global spread of HIV, most people in both industrialized and developing countries are at relatively low risk of HIV infection.

Aidshiv essay

Comprehensive prevention programs directed at all segments of the general population can help to improve awareness, change social norms, reduce stigma and discrimination, promote less risky behavior, and reduce new infections.

However, careful analysis of the sources of new infections in subpopulations is essential in order to focus relevant interventions and maximize their impact. A combination of risk avoidance abstinence, mutual fidelity and risk reduction reduction in the number Aidshiv essay sexual partners, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, correct and consistent condom use, male circumcision, and needle exchange have proven to be successful all Aidshiv essay the globe.

Effective targeted prevention interventions can also lower the number of patients requiring costly drug treatments and boost the sustainability of expensive antiretroviral therapy ART.

At the same time, successful ART makes prevention more acceptable and helps in reducing stigma and discrimination.

Interventions tailored to specific populations reach a smaller audience than those aimed at the general population, yet they have the possibility to make a disproportionate impact on the course of the epidemic.

MVPs are a relatively smaller segment of the general population that is at higher than average risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV infections.

Aidshiv essay

They include discordant couples, sex workers SWs and their clients, injection drug users IDUs and other drug users, men who have sex with men MSMindividuals in the armed forces, prisoners, and children of sex workers.

A larger group of MVPs, especially in high-prevalence countries, may include HIV-positive pregnant women, sexually active and out-of-school youth, minority populations, migrant and displaced persons, and large populations of women. There are compelling reasons to reach MVPs: They are often marginalized, criminalized, victimized, and discriminated against by law enforcement agencies as well as the general population.

As a result they are difficult to reach and have poor access to relevant public health and other services. Segmentation of the various subpopulations allows for more specific, appropriate, and effective interventions. High-risk individuals engage in behaviors that expose themselves to the risk of HIV infection, such as unprotected casual sex with multiple partners, sharing needles, and commercial sex.

Acute infection refers to the period of time immediately after a person is infected with HIV. Characterizing this phase is prolific viral replication and an acute drop in the CD4 count. Persons with acute HIV infection are extremely infectious, as the potential for an individual to transmit the virus increases eight- to tenfold.

Societal factors, often beyond the control of the individual, may also increase the risk of infection. These include poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, gender inequities and gender-based violence, cultural practices, human rights abuses, and lack of access to information and services.

Women face increased vulnerability to infection due to biological, social, and economic factors. They often lack the power to negotiate safer sex with their partners. Because of economic inequalities, some women enter sex work or perform transactional sex for economic survival.

Furthermore, women are more vulnerable to infection than men because of biology: The female genital tract has more exposed surface area than the male genital tract, semen has a greater HIV concentration than vaginal fluids, and a larger amount of semen is exchanged during intercourse than vaginal fluids.

Orphans and children of MVPs are also particularly vulnerable. MVPs with children may not be coherent enough to support a child emotionally or financially.

They may not be physically present, may be ill due to HIV, or may have died. Many times, children of HIV-positive parents serve as caretakers.

Through investigation of the incidence, distribution, and causes of HIV in a society, epidemiologists can predict which populations are most vulnerable to, and at risk of, HIV infection. Accurate epidemiological and behavioral data can pinpoint which populations are at high risk and, therefore, which targeted interventions should be implemented to address those populations.

In higher-prevalence countries, with an increased pool of infected individuals, a more effective strategy would be to identify those infected through targeted counseling and testing and other community-based interventions.Nov 06,  · Fact sheets about HIV/AIDS treatment information, the prevention of mother-to-child transmission, and HIV treatment side effects.

All the fact sheets are written specifically for patients in easy to read language. Persuasive essay on aids/hiv, It is the virus that causes AIDS.

HIV is not like other viruses. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.. A Study Of HIV And Aids Health Essay. Print. AIDSHIV Essay. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a fatal illness for which there is currently no known cure.

Persuasive Essay Topics. Su Relacin Con La Carg A Viral Plasmtica Y Otrasets ( The HIV virus has two types. The first one type is HIV-1, which is the main cause of AIDS worldwide. The second type is HIV-2, which is found mostly in West Africa.

AIDS/HIV Essay. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a fatal illness for which there is currently no known cure. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus that causes AIDS. The disease results in the deterioration of organ functions and development of rare cancers.

The symptoms initially appear in the liver or other human organs.

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Essay on AIDS: Transmission, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment. This is the most dreaded disease of modern times. The disorder is characterised by a reduction in the number of helper T-cells that activate other lymphocytes, which are responsible for the body immunity system.

So in this disease, the destruction of lymphocytes makes. List Of Good Essay Writing Prompts Related To AIDS/HIV AIDS/HIV have taken the world by storm and dealt a crushing blow to the general well-being of this planet. The disease launched itself in the 90s and created a furor that was never heard before.